The Most Relaxing Hair Salon and Spa in Lafayette, IN

3730 Rome Drive,  Lafayette, IN  47905
(765) 807-0343

Welcome to Bliss

Lafayette, Indiana’s Most Relaxing Hair Salon and Day Spa

Our Mission:

Knowing our guests as individuals and tailoring our services to compliment their needs to they may experience the reality of “Bliss”

Our HistoryBliss Sign

Aaron and Bethany Tyrrell began to dream about a salon and spa in Lafayette, Indiana many years ago.  Ten years into Bethany’s career, in 2003, Aaron went to cosmetology school to join her in the beauty industry.  It seemed a natural fit to go into a partnership together but the timing just wasn’t right.

Two years later, the salon where they worked announced that it would close.  There was no other place in Lafayette that they wanted to work, so they knew that they would have to build both the facility and the work environment they thought would be ideal.  It would be a place of class and professionalism with the true focus being on the guest; providing quality services emphasizing the work experience of the team.   So, with the blessing of their employer and the support of their family, friends and co-workers, they began the quest for Bliss.

In just a few short days, they were being shown a commercial property on Rome Drive that they had admired a few years earlier.  It was still available to become the home of what was up until then, just a dream.  In January 2005, the construction, painting, decorating, and so much more began and finally Bliss Salon & Spa on November 7, 2005.  How you have become a part of our history!

Our Culture

The success of Bliss depends on our staff.  We can only prosper and provide opportunities for employment and growth when we continually improve ourselves, and the work we do.  Ultimately, we are here to deliver the highest quality personalized service to our guest.  We recognize, however, that success is not measured by guest counts, and number alone.  We are measured as much by honoring our commitment to both know our guests and to met their individual needs.  A commitment to uncompromising values and integrity should always guide our decisions and actions as we work and grow together.

We believe that we must mutually serve, encourage, and teach each other with respect, to create an atmosphere of support, and directly promote the experience of our careers and the experience of our guests.

Take a Tour of Bliss!   You’ll be Glad You Did!!

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